The Garden Rules: (Updated March 2013)

Please be aware that Moderators as well as Admin have the right to add or make changes to the rules if it becomes necessary to do so.

Rules of the Forum.

1. This Forum has a Zero Tolerance Policy; this means Members will be protected against Bigotry, Bullying (Cyber or otherwise), Prejudice and Intolerance towards their Sexual Orientation, Race, Religion (Inc. Beliefs and Practises) anyone found to be displaying or proven to be openly hostile will be met with a complete Ban from this Community and their details (Inc. Posts, User Name and Real Name) passed to Yuku Support Staff.

2. There are times when you might find something disagreeable on the forum, there might be a post or story that may irritate you a little; if that happens (I'm 99.9% Certain that it will at some point), please don't take the matter into you own hands. Instead send a Private Message (PM for Short) to an Admin or Mod and let them deal with it. The idea behind The Sims Writers Garden is to try and make it a Drama free, Fun place to be a part of.

3. Violence Against Minors (Anyone below the Age of Consent) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, any such depictions will be promptly removed and the author will be cautioned.

4. Violence Against Adults (inc Rape) happens within the context of stories just as it happens in real life. However there is a level where it becomes unacceptable in any world. Please make sure you deal with the subject tactfully, even when there is a point to the scene you're thinking of depicting. We'd like to avoid removing posts and stories because complaints have been raised.

Paradise Towers Guidelines

1. Please make sure that your stories are going in to the right place, If your story starts off as Non Adult but then you feel it is starting to take on more adult themes, please get in touch and it can easily be moved.

To help you decide where you should place your story to begin with check the definitions below to give you an idea:

- Adult Stories: Usually have strong themes which include but not limited to: Sex, Violence, Murder, Crime, Strong or Explicit Language.
- Non Adult Stories: Usually have mild themes which include but are not limited to: Romance, Mild Peril, Dangerous Situations, Mild Language, Occasional Scenes of a Sexual Nature.

2. If possible please make sure that your story reaches a conclusion, the only timetable where this is concerned is the one you set for yourself; if however you come down with a bad case of writer's block or real life takes over from your internet one, then its fine as long as you let your readers know that is what has happened.

3. It is not the policy of The Sims Writer's Garden to dictate or 'police' stories written here, but there are a few points that we'd like authors to consider:

4. There is a fine line between porn and scenes of a sexual nature; Porn is Sex without a point where stories are concerned, Scenes of a Sexual Nature are where characters engage in sex because it is part of the story line.

Please remember: Stories within Paradise Towers should include Sim's Pictures.

The Garden Rules (v1) Updated by Destiny1331 on March 2013